Primary Online 2023

Join us for this professional development opportunity which is specifically designed for Primary HPE specialists and aims to streamline the demands of teaching Health and Physical Education in primary schools.  We run workshops that are relevant and backed by literature.  The delivery will be online using Microsoft Teams so schools all across Queensland can attend.  

Session 1
The Primary online workshop will showcase specifically selected resources which are available through National Sporting Organisations.  These resources will highlight the ease of implementing programs into the HPE program and how to access them. 

Sessions 2 to 4
Units developed and delivered by experienced teachers in the HPE field will be presented.  A variety of Bands have been selected focusing on delivery across P-6. Participants will move through the unit with the presenter making changes that may suit their own environment.  All units are available for participants to keep and implement at their school!

Session 5

A teacher Q&A will be held to conclude the day allowing participants to delve deeper in to the v9.0 curriculum.

SESSION ONE: 9.00am to 10.30am


Kerryn Cormick, ACHPER QLD

What programs and resources are available for P-6 HPE teachers to enhance the curriculum?


ACHPER QLD has hand-picked resources that HPE teachers can deliver without requiring experts visit their school.


National Sporting Organisation (NSO) resources will be demonstrated from Squash, Taewkondo and The Embrace Collective will be highlighting their Year 5&6 body image units.



SESSION TWO: 10.45am to 11.45am


Alyssa Hopper, Bray Park State School.

Alyssa is the 2022 ACHPER QLD “Making an impact” Award winner.  She works in a school where health is delivered separately by classroom teachers. Understand how Alyssa has implemented a health substrand into the PE ‘How to Play’ unit which helps students during schoolyard playtime to positively engage, resolve conflict, share, make safe choices and friends.

Year Foundation  
‘How to Play’ unit
Alyssa will deliver a 4-week Foundation unit on ‘How to Play’ focusing on the Personal, Social and Community Health and Movement and Physical Activity strands covering various v9.0 substrands. This take away unit provides a significant support for student needs in the playground.

*This unit and accompanying lesson plans will highlight the review undertaken and the re-alignment from v8.4 to v9.0 of the Australian Curriculum.


SESSION THREE: 12.15pm to 1.15pm


Amy McCabe

Amy is the previous ACHPER QLD Professional Learning Officer. Amy’s primary HPE experience is in the Catholic sector, allowing her to develop units creatively by considering different ways to deliver the Personal, social and community health strand to ensure the key elements of the HPE learning area are covered.

Year 3 & 4 ‘Bushdancing’ unit.

Year 3 & 4 ‘Seeking, giving and denying permission respectfully” unit.

Amy will deliver a 4-week unit on ‘Bushdancing’ focusing on the Movement and Physical Activity strand covering the Moving our body substrand.

This will be complimented by a 4-week unit focusing on the Personal, Social and Community Health strand covering the sub strand of Interacting with others, allowing students to rehearse and refine strategies for seeking, giving and denying permission respectfully and describe situations when permission is required.


These two units can be delivered by the HPE teacher or two separate teachers in conjunction with each other.


*This unit and lesson accompanying plans will highlight the review undertaken and realignment from v8.4 to v9.0 of the Australian Curriculum.



SESSION FOUR: 1.15 to 2.15pm


Jenna Ward, Toorak College, Victoria.

Jenna is the Curriculum Leader for P-12 for Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing at Toorak College, Victoria. She is an experienced teacher, sports coach, curriculum writer and VCAA examiner with a special interest in engaging curriculum.

Year 5 & 6 ‘Creative Sports’ unit.

This take-home unit will look at sports including Skipping, Rhythmic Gymnastics and students creating
their own game. Exploring the grouping of similar skills, such as teamwork and student creativity, the unit will include lesson plans, additional resources and assessments rubrics.

*This unit and accompanying lesson plans have been created using the v9.0 Australian Curriculum


SESSION FIVE: 2.15pm to 3.00pm


Kerryn Cormick and Amy McCabe


Teacher Collaboration / Evaluation

Join a constructive discussion about what other schools are doing in this space.

20/10/2023 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
E. Australia Standard Time
Online Event

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