Early Career Teacher Workshop

Online Workshop - Friday 19 May 2023

This professional development opportunity has been specifically designed for graduate and early career teachers and aims to combat the common obstacles faced during their first years of teaching.  Topics for discussion will include inclusive teaching, student engagement, behaviour management and staff / student wellbeing








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Rafe Griffin, Executive Officer

Kerryn Cormick,
Professional Learning Officer


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Setting the scene for the day

Kerryn Cormick


Session 1
Staff wellbeing:
Bringing mindfulness and wellbeing to life.

Nikki Bonus
CEO, Life Skills Group





Session 2
ASSESS, ADJUST, ACT – Simplifying assessment.

Jo Ritson


Session 3
Inclusive teaching in HPE:
A learning experience for all.

Deb Roberston
Federation University of Australia





Session 4
Undertanding strengths:
How to thrive in times of adversity.

Kerryn Cormick


Session 5
Discussion Panel
Survive or Thrive?

Kerryn Cormick, ACHPER QLD &
Previous ACHPER award recipients.


Wrap up



Session topics and presenters

Session 1:
Bringing mindfulness and wellbeing to life.
Explore how the mind works through neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness. Experience mindful attention as a foundation that enables us to better understand and manage our emotions, relationships, and decisions. Experience resilience practices that promote wellbeing and the ability to bounce back from the stresses of work and life. Explore emotional intelligence and how it links to wellbeing and positive relationships. This workshop will assist teachers with their own wellbeing and provide strategies to implement into their professional practice.

Presenter: Nikki Bonus,
CEO, Life Skills Goup.
In addition to her CEO role at Life Skills Group, Nikki Bonus is well-known in the education and private sectors as a keynote speaker. Through her highly engaging delivery, Nikki shares powerful insights with participants of how principles of wellbeing science, positive psychology and mindful leadership can be applied to enhance performance of individuals and teams.

Session 2:

ASSESS, ADJUST, ACT – Simplifying assessment 
Do you find assessment difficult? Are you looking for tools that can help simplify assessment? This session will unpack what purposeful assessment is, tips to plan for assessment and equip you with some practical simple and easy tools that will take the fear out of assessment. Save time and allow assessment to inform and enhance your teaching practice and student learning outcomes.  

Presenter: Jo Ritson, 

Presenter: Jo Ritson

Professional Learning Coordinator, ACHPER Victoria

Jo brings both primary and secondary teaching knowledge and her passion and support for high-quality PE and Health Education programs within and outside of schools. Jo has been an active contributor to ACHPER and was a proud recipient of the ACHPER Victoria HPE Primary Teacher of the Year Award in 2019.


Session 3:
Inclusive HPE: A learning experience for all.

The need to be inclusive in our teaching is not a new idea. This session will revisit and reflect on ‘our’ WHY for Inclusion in HPE. It will then explore evidence-based frameworks that support teachers and learners in creating truly inclusive learning environments and experiences in HPE. Experiences that aim to provide opportunities for growth for all, every student and every teacher.”


Presenter: Deb Roberston
Lecturer Health and Physical Education, Federation University Australia.

Deb has been involved in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) for the past 30 years. She specialises in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and creative HPE all being informed by an Inclusive lens. Her passion is to inspire future HPE teachers to continually ask questions, explore the taken for granted and strive to achieve growth for all their learners.


Session 4: Character Strengths and staff wellbeing
Understanding your character strengths and how to implement them, especially in times of adversity, can help teachers tackle challenging situations. Identifying strategies to use can boost confidence, strengthen relationships, manage problems, and build meaning and purpose. This session will also cover simple ways you can release your natural happiness chemicals during the day to enhance satisfaction and reduce stress.
Please note: a free 15-minute survey must be completed before this session.


Presenter: Kerryn Cormick, Professional Learning Officer, ACHPER QLD.

Kerryn has been a HPE teacher since the late 1990’s and has a Masters in Positive Psychology from the The University of Melbourne. Her passion is staff wellbeing, positive organisational culture and workplace psychological safety. She believes every teacher should have the best opportunity to thrive in their workplace, by enjoying their role which will ultimately enable their students to excel.


Session 5: Discussion Panel – ‘Surviving to Thriving’

Join a panel of early career and experienced teachers from around the state to discover some of the challenges they have experienced in their first years of teaching. This opportunity will allow delegates to ask questions and discover answers to the roadblocks in their teaching journey.


Panel includes:

Kerryn Cormick
Professional Learning Officer, ACHPER QLD.


Courtney Goodacre
Coolum State High School, 2022 ACHPER QLD ‘Excellence in Teaching Award’ winner.

Sarah Harré
St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, 2022 ACHPER QLD ‘Early career teacher’ nominee.

Ally Rodwell
Clermont School, 2022 ACHPER QLD ‘Early career teacher’ nominee.

19/05/2023 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
E. Australia Standard Time
Virtual Workshop

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