QLD Sport and Recreation Conference 3rd - 4th of June 2021

For the first time we are offering this conference aimed at supporting educators who are teaching this increasingly popular applied subject in the HPE learning area suite of senior subjects. Sessions will be based on the sport-related focuses/recreation-related focuses and how they allow for integration with the electives chosen by the school to support learning in, through and about sport and recreation. The relationship between the core topics, concepts and ideas and chosen electives will also be examined. 

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2 day Qld Sport and Recreation Conference member                   $440

2 day Qld Sport and Recreation Conference Non-Member          $550

6/3/2021 8:30 AM - 6/4/2021 3:00 PM
E. Australia Standard Time
QSAC (Queensland Sport & Athletics Centre) Kessels Road Nathan, Mt Gravatt QLD 4111 AUSTRALIA

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