ACHPER QLD 2019 Teacher Awards

Congratulations to our 2019 Teacher Award Winners. Once again the caliber of the nominations we received shows the incredible commitment, passion and innovation of our Health and Physical Education Teachers in Queensland. Thank you to all those who nominated their talented staff and peers.

Quality Teacher Award - Secondary

Carly Bryant, Pimlico State High School


Carly Bryant from Pimlico SHS in Townsville is this year’s very deserving recipient of the Quality Teacher Award – Secondary School. The below excerpt from her nomination demonstrates an educator who constantly strives for the well-being of her students, peers and community.

“Carly is an innovative and passionate Health and Physical Education teacher who successfully leads the Years 7-10 Health and Physical Education Australian curriculum within our school community of 1600+ students and 16 HPE staff in Townsville, North Queensland.  She mindfully focuses our HPE teaching and learning program on the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of our students and has driven pedagogical change to ensure students develop responsibility, resilience, compassion, respectful relationships, confidence, decision-making, and critical thinking skills in a safe and supportive environment.  Carly is highly committed to developing healthy lifelong physical, social and mental health skills for all students.   

Carly has led and implemented the Year 7-10 Australian HPE curriculum and has worked extremely hard to develop our students’ resilience through our positive psychology and relationships units, and considered decision-making and critical thinking, through our drug and alcohol and risk-taking units.  Carly shows innovation in teaching particularly through her integration of ICTs, where students actively use video analysis apps and video editing software to improve their physical performance outcomes.  She has also mentored our other staff to improve their use of ICTs in pedagogy.

Students within Carly’s classes and within the wider school community are happy and active learners who are eager to engage in her well-structured, interesting and meaningful lessons to develop healthy lifestyles.  Students have a strong rapport with Carly as she is respectful and caring to all students, whether in her classes, in the playground or through her coaching sessions in netball and athletics.  All our students, particularly our girls, see Carly as a positive role model as she is approachable and displays all the above attributes that she works tirelessly to instill in them.  Carly is a high quality HPE teacher who makes a significant positive contribution to our school community every day.”

Quality Teacher Award - Primary

Nigel Rosenthal, Caloundra State School


“Nigel never stops”. Nigel Rosenthal from Caloundra State School on the Sunshine Coast is this year’s incredible Quality Teacher Award recipient for the Primary category. Nigel works tirelessly to give all his students opportunities to discover the joy of physical activity, health and well-being.

“Nigel is leading the Coastal District curriculum team to ensure all schools fully embrace the Australian Curriculum, so that no student misses out on opportunity to discover the new and exciting opportunities the Australian Curriculum offers. His teaching ensures all students reach their potential, differentiating learning opportunities for everyone. Nigel ensures that the most reluctant learner and the high achiever are both challenged and engaged.

Nigel has had a positive impact on both the lives of able-bodied students and students with disabilities. His enthusiasm and encouragement have seen students who previously might not have thought they have sporting abilities attaining state representation. Why does a small school achieve so highly in sport? Because we have Nigel and his enthusiasm is infectious and therefore, we as a school, become better because of him.

Nigel never stops. It could be before school coaching for that one child who needs to improve to attain a district time or it could be leading at State and National Athletics titles for the elite athlete. Nigel is there for everyone. He is the most outstanding PE teacher I have worked with in my 27 years in education. Nothing is too big, and nothing is too small because Nigel does what he does for children and not for individual praise.”

Teresa Carlson Award - Services to the Education Community

Shane Roberts, Palm Beach Currumbin State High School

Few educators are as passionate and knowledgeable about their chosen vocation as this year’s recipient of the Teresa Carlson Award, as Shane Roberts.

“For an extended period of time, Shane has undertaken invaluable voluntary work to support Senior Health teachers in Queensland and progressive development of the subject. Through Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) undertakings including State Review Panel Chair (Health Education) and Senior Health syllabus writing, Shane has generously offered his expertise and advice to support Queensland educators and help enable opportunities for students. This work will continue following his recent appointment by QCAA as Chief Endorser (Health). Beyond the teaching profession, Shane's community involvement includes extensive commitment and contribution as President of the Southport Surf Life Saving Club.

The reach of this work enables children, adolescents and adults to extend their learning and achieve their full potential. Shane's work in Senior Health has contributed to the ongoing evolution of the subject in Queensland. His Surf Lifesaving commitment has enabled the functioning of an important community organisation that serves to support the safety of the public, the personal development of organisation members and provision of healthy recreation opportunities for youth and adults. Shane is a true professional and a quiet achiever who is constantly striving to develop his own professional knowledge whilst generously offering his time to support others.”

Innovative Program Award

Cairns West State School- Football Program

Cairns West State School is the recipient of the 2019 Innovative Program Award. The school is delivering a soccer program that aims to engage and support new children and families in the community. CWSS teacher Pat L’Orange has designed and implemented an innovative soccer team/program that sees the school’s refugee and immigrant students playing in a local Saturday competition. The program utilises inter-agency partnerships with a local football club, bus charter service and a charity. The team is collected by bus after the school, driven to the club, tutored with their home work, fed healthy afternoon tea, taught about healthy lifestyle choices then coached on the pitch and driven home twice a week. Each Saturday their coach and families are there to support the team at the games.

“This program and the support that Mr L’Orange is delivering to CWSS students is benefiting the students and wider community in countless ways. The students are making new friendships, they are getting one-on-one academic support, and they are experiencing Australia in a way that promotes the best this country and region has to offer. More than that, the program is also enabling the new refugee and immigrant families to Cairns an opportunity to participate in our community. These families are integrating in the club and wider community, thanks to the efforts and innovation of this program.”

Pre-Service Teacher Award

Dale McGeown, Queensland University of Technology

Congratulations to Dale McGeown from Queensland University of Technology, recipient of the 2019 Pre-Service Teacher Award.

“Dale is a high achieving student with a GPA of 5.88. Dale has successfully completed a number of practical teaching experience in the south eastern corner; however, he was intrinsically motivated to request his final practical placement in Longreach. The measure of Dale's commitment to his chosen vocation and his teaching abilities can be measured by the fact that he has been offered a full-time position at the school (Longreach SHS) where he is completing his final placement.

Beyond his academic achievements Dale works as a Learning Assistant in the I4S Program at Kelvin Grove State College and as an Educator at the Indooroopilly After School CareCenter Indooroopilly State Primary School. Additionally, Dale is heavily involved in school-based sports programs as a volunteer football coach at West Moreton Anglican College and at the UQ Football Club.”

ACHPER QLD President's Award

Dr Brendan Moy, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Brendan Moy is a leading practitioner and proponent of the constraints-led approach to games teaching. This approach, and the ecological perspective that informs it, were included in the QCAA’s new Physical Education senior syllabus, thanks, in no small part, to Brendan’s influential teaching, scholarship and advocacy. Brendan worked closely with the syllabus’s lead writer and expert writing team, providing feedback and advice on the relevant motor learning and games teaching subject matter. These inclusions to the syllabus have created significant demand for professional development regarding both the content and its implications for teacher practice. Brendan has been well-placed to help address this need. For many years, as a member of QUT’s Sport, Health and Physical Education discipline group, Brendan has been teaching and studying the constraints-led approach in pre-service and in-service educational settings. In addition to his work in initial teacher education, Brendan has frequently shared his considerable expertise at ACHPER QLD events, such as our annual Brisbane conference and our regular masterclasses. His contributions to these events have always been well-attended and well-received by delegates. One of the main reasons for this popularity is the skillful way Brendan synthesizes his extensive teaching experience and his command of motor learning research to design sessions that are active and practical and that help teachers examine and enhance their teaching. Every curriculum innovation needs its champions if it is to succeed in changing classroom practices. When it comes to the constraints-led approach, Brendan has been, and continues to be, a champion of this kind. He is passionate about our learning area and about educating young people about, through and in movement. As anyone who has sought his advice will know, he is incredibly generous with his time, energy and ideas. 

David Keating Award - Voluntary Services
Cindy Hadfield, Jubilee Christian College

ACHPER QLD is delighted to award this year’s David Keating Award for Voluntary Services to Cindy Hadfield, an active and involved parent at Jubilee Christian College in Atherton.

“Cindy is a very active mum in our school and has volunteered to run the school community garden for the past 3 years. She has been teaching students from prep -year 12 in their lunch breaks about healthy eating options, when to plant crops, how to naturally fertilise (through worm farming), prune, mulch, harvest and supply fresh crops to staff and families in the school. Cindy's project has won the Tablelands Regional Council Award for School Gardens Division.

Students are actively engaged in learning about healthy food options, engaging in outdoor activities at lunch time, expanding their knowledge on growing a healthy garden and learning about sustainability through farming practices (worm farm) and  selling crops to pay for the next season. Cindy has built a positive atmosphere of acceptance in the community garden project and all are welcome to participate at lunch time. Students take it upon themselves to water their garden and maintain the worm farm on the days Cindy is not at school, demonstrating their commitment and responsibility towards the project.”