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November Links we Like

November e-Action 2013

Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education.  Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios or any project in an educational setting.

Disaster Resilience Education Resources.  Research suggests that educating students in disaster resilience is a key part of creating a culture of preparedness in the life of a community as a whole. 

Improving Executive Function: Ways to improve executive function in both children and adults.   Read how a just-published review of the relevant research, appearing in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, concludes that "ample evidence indicates that regular engagement in aerobic exercise can provide a simple means for healthy people to optimize a range of executive functions."

The Department of Education, Training and Employment has released the Education Queensland school calendar for 2014.  Date for holidays and student-free days apply to all state schools in Queensland.  Independant and Catholic school base their holidays on the state school calendar, but they may vary from school to school.

World Teachers's Day celebrations were held on 25 October.  See more here.

October Links we Like

October e-Action 2013

How Physical Fitness May Promote School Success Children who are physically fit absorb and retain new information more effectively than children who are out of shape, a new study finds, raising timely questions about the wisdom of slashing physical education programs at schools.

A school driven by phys ed The Urban Dove Team Charter School in New York City is going against the grain of cutting back PE classes, they are actually using sports as a hook to draw in at-risk students.

Celebrate World Teachers Day on Friday 25 October

The QSA provides new resources to assist schools with verification of Year 12 student achievement during Term 4

September Links we Like

September e-Action 2013

A School driven by Phys Ed.  This is well worth a watch.

Ever wanted a simple summary of what is meant by the term 'Physical Literacy'? Check out this link

Driving Down Daily Step Counts: The Impact of Being Driven to School on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour

Development and evaluation of the motivation to limit screen-time questionnaire (MLSQ) for adolescents.

Boosting Brain Health with Exercise! Everyone knows that exercise comes with many health benefits - while many of us go to the gym to trim up our waistlines, regular physical activity works out your brain too!

August Links we Like

August e-Action 2013

Sport, culture and the internet: Are Australian children participating?
This publication from The Smith Family looks at the participation of Australian children in sports and cultural activities, as well as their access to the internet at home, using new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Project Tomorrow has created an infographic on "Ten Things Everyone Should Know about K-12 students' view on Digital Learning"

The Queensland Government wants to have a world class education system in our state. Read more on the details on their Fresh Start strategy and key initiatives.

"Fit children are running, climbing and jumping to smarter conclusions". Check out this article in the Daily Telegraph showing that PHYSICALLY fit children achieve better results in class than unfit students.

July Links we Like

July e-Action 2013

Run, Jump, Lean! How Exercise can Transform our Schools - a TedX speakers's take on the topic.

F–10 Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. The QSA have made available the recently completed consultation reports detailing the views of Queensland education stakeholders.

Sleep, School & ChildrenA new blog from ACHPER National about how lack of sleep impact on kids in the classroom? Tim Olds & Lisa Matricciani from the Health and Use of Time (HUT) Group at the University of South Australia have authored this post. Interesting reading on sleep trends, impacts on children and importantly, a proposed solution.

Food! Nutrition! Futures! An education perspective, is the theme for the upcoming HEIA(Q) 2 day conference from 2nd - 3rd August 2013 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.  As a special for ACHPER members they are offering registration at their discounted member rates.

June Links we Like

June e-Action 2013

Visit QSA's senior assessment hub for direct links to sample assessments and student responses for senior subjects. New materials have been released for Physical Education (2010).

Need a referesher on how to make lessons meaningful?  Read Authentic assessment: assessment for learning by Robyn Collins, Independent Schools Queensland.

Need more inspiration and motivation to catch up on your Professional Development? This animation from ATISL puts a great perspective on the value of professional learning.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have released, Sports and Physical Recreation: A Statistical Overview, Australia, 2012 which brings together information about sport and physical recreation in Australia from a variety of data sources. Check out Chapters 3 - Participation in Sport and Recreation, and Chapter 4 - Time Spent on Sport and Recreation.

Win a sporting equipment OR Sunsmart voucher valued at $500 for your school and at the same time educate students on the harmful effects of smoking. Check out The Critics Choice.

The Employee Professional Development Including Study and Research Assistance Scheme procedure has been under review and has recently been amended by the Department. The revised  version of the procedure is available and can be accessed on the link .

May Links we Like

May e-Action 2013

The 10th annual snapshot report on children and young people in Queensland makes interesting reading for educators.

Improving the fitness and physical activity levels of primary school children: Results of the Fit-4-Fun group randomized controlled trial.

We need more Physical Education in schools (awesome YouTube Clip)!

Will my mum see this?: an exploration of video-assisted self reflection in the primary classroom The Australian Educational LeaderVolume 35 Number 1,  2013; Pages 20–23, Samantha Donoghue, Brad Shipway.

April Links we Like

April e-Action 2013

More Queensland Women to get active.  Premier Newman names "The Ministerial Advisory Committee on Women and Girls in Sport" .

Theorising a framework for contemporary health literacies in schools Curriculum Perspectives, Volume 32 Number 3, October 2012; Pages 1–10

NAB Schools First Program opens for 2013, $2 million of funding is available. Applications close 28 June.

Educating primary teachers to teach physical education.
European Physical Education Review, Volume 18 Number 3, October 2012; Pages 275–286.

March Links we Like

March e-Action 2013

Neat table from ACARA showing where each of the Australian Curriculum subject areas are in terms of progression.

The Big Issue Classroom is a unique educational experience providing school, tertiary and corporate groups with a 'real life' lesson about homelessness and disadvantage.

From 2013, the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) school vaccination program is being extended to boys.

The State Government is committed to child safety. The Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum has been developed for all Queensland students.

Courier Mail article on Education Queensland Ban on PD"Education experts warn Queensland taking 'giant step backwards' by banning teacher professional development in school time"

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