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ACHPER QLD recently conducted a survey of HPE teachers to gain knowledge around their experience of moving to online learning. Thank you to all those who gave their valuable opinion. Results of the survey will be shared to inform each of the education relevant sectors and ACHPER QLD will conduct a follow up survey to ascertain how teachers are faring. Please click here to read a summary of the report. 


During the holidays the first Health Teachermeets were conducted. Due to home isolation guidelines currently in place, the contributing teachers could attend in the comfort of their own homes utilising Zoom as the meeting medium. Two separate sessions were held, one focused on the frameworks in Units 1 and 2 and a second on the subject matter for Unit 4. Considering the removal of IA3 from Unit 4 assessment this year, collaboration on Unit 4 subject matter, and hence preparation for the external exam, is crucial.

Both sessions were attended by over 40 participants, with 9 presenters in each session. Each presenter willingly shared planning, ideas and resources to enable other teachers to further develop their own learning experiences. The common theme was “we are all learning, but we are stronger together.” One critical point to note was the focus of Unit 4 on respectful relationships will draw on learnings from all other units. A brief summary is below.

Unit 1 – PERMA+ clearly establishes relationships as an aspect of positive psychology, which in Unit 1 was aligned to the strengthening of resilience as a personal health resource.

Unit 2 – a focus on peers and family as resources for healthy living clearly establishes the importance of relationships. This is reinforced through the use of social cognitive theory as the lens to determine significant determinants of health, in particular the concept of observational learning.

Unit 3 – a focus on community as a resource for healthy living broadens the concept of relationships from a personal experience to a contextual experience. The social ecological model enables us to explore personal, social and community resources across a range of relational levels, however the critical application of the social ecological model explores the interactions (relationship) between the relational levels.

This common content knowledge thread of relationships as a resource and procedural knowledge of being able to use the Health inquiry model will ensure the students enter Unit 4 with a well-developed understanding.

If you are interested in engaging with tother Health teachers across the state, join the email discussion list at and search for “Health Education Network”.



ACHPER QLD has been fortunate to engage with our colleagues from three Schools of Distance Education in a Q&A session this week. These experienced educators have shared their thoughts around the online learning environment, maintaining connection with students and overcoming some of the challenges that developing and maintaining remote and online learning can bring to Health and Physical Education discipline. Our panel of experts includes:

Melanie Craig, Head of Department - HPE and Community Engagement from Cairns School of Distance Education. 

Cameron Johnson,  Teacher and Senior School Coordinator, Australian Christian College Moreton which offers on campus and distance education for students.

Glenn Amezdroz, Teacher, Brisbane School of Distance Education.

Please click here for the full article and transcript.

Cairns School of Distance Education has also given permission for us to share their draft band plans for 7-8 and 9-10. Click here to access.

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