Dancing Ribbons

The purpose of this activity it to get children participating in different movements whilst holding a ribbon, and understanding how their physical movements affect the ribbon movement. Children will use their locomotor and stability skills.

Equipment required:
Ribbons or scarves for each child

Ideas for variations:
Pretend to be animals eg. Kangaroo, crocodile
Play the game to music
Speed - faster, slower
Volume - quietly, noisily 

SunSmart schools and early childhood programs

All educators are reminded to ensure children are "SunSmart" when outside. More information and resources on sun safety in early childhood can be found on Cancer Council website.

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Dancing Ribbons

The Main Idea

The children dance while holding ribbons or scarves above their head, or pretend to be butterflies or birds flapping their arms so their ribbons flap through the air. 

Download the Dancing Ribbons Active Play Card.

 Dancing Ribbons.pdf


Physical Activity in Early Childhood Settings by Kids Sports

A manual containing inclusive physical activities for children aged 0-5 years designed for parents, day-carers or teachers in a variety of early childhood settings.

The resource contains program ideas for babies and children aged 2- 5 years, safety guidelines and equipment lists, as well as over 25 games.

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