City Streets

The purpose of this activity it to get children moving, listening and responding to signals. Children will use their locomotor and stability skills.

Equipment required:
Red, yellow and green traffic signals (eg ribbons/ scarves/ markers/ coloured cardboard). Props for children to use while they pretend to be vehicles (eg paper plate for steering wheel, hoops for wheels, or a cardboard box for a car)

Ideas for variations:
Movement pattern eg, children could jump, hop or skip instead of run
Speed eg, children move fast, medium, slow
Theme eg, animals in the jungle

SunSmart schools and early childhood programs

All educators are reminded to ensure children are "SunSmart" when outside. More information and resources on sun safety in early childhood can be found on Cancer Council website.

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City Streets

The Main Idea

The children are pretending to be vehicles on city streets. The group leader holds the traffic signals, and will use these to indicate to the children when to 'go', 'slow down' and 'stop'.

Download the City Streets Active Play Card.

 City Streets.pdf


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