Project Partners

LEAPS is funded by the Queensland Government and is delivered in Queensland via a partnership between QUT, NAQ & ACHPER QLD.

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Active Play

Active Books

This activity gets children thinking about different movements of animals.

 Active Books.pdf

Ball Tag

This activity gets children moving and throwing, whilst performing different locomotor skills, including jumping, dodging, skipping or leaping. Watch the video here.

 Ball Tag.pdf

Bean Bag Balancing

This activity aims to get children moving whilst balancing an object on their body.

 Bean Bag Balancing.pdf

Beginning to Balance

Balance is controlled by the inner ear, the eyes and sense of touch. This activity provides ideas to improve infant and toddlers balance and coordination.  Watch the video here.

 Beginning to Balance.pdf

City Streets

This activity gets children moving, listening, and responding to signals.  Watch the video here.

 City Streets.pdf

Cross Body Movement

Cross body movement is all about crossing the midline of the body, and getting the two sides of the body working in a coordinated manner. Watch the video here.

 Cross Body Movement.pdf

Dancing Ribbons/Scarves

This activity aims to get children participating in different movements whilst holding a ribbon, and understanding how their physical movements affect the ribbon movements.

 Dancing Ribbons.pdf

Noodle Hockey

This activity gets children moving and practicing their hand eye coordination. Watch the video here.

 Noodle Hockey.pdf

Treasure Hunt

This activity aims to get children moving and working as a team. Children are also required to use their memory.  Watch the video here.

 Treasure Hunt.pdf

Tummy Time

This activity is specifically for babies, and will provide ideas for encouraging babies to build strength in preparation for crawling.  Watch the video here.

 Tummy Time.pdf

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