18 Nov 2013

Exploring secondary health and physical education (HPE) teachers conceptualisation of physical education

Secondary PE teachers invited to participate in research

Australian Health and Physical Education (HPE) teachers' understanding of the nature of their subject is partially constituted by an interpretation about its particular point and purpose. Indeed, this interpretation will have a direct and/or indirect influence on a range of important decisions, such as understanding the nature and purpose of their subject, content selection, the type of pedagogical approach adopted, and the implementation of curriculum documents.

With the phase-in of the F-10 Australian HPE Curriculum anticipated from 2014, HPE teachers' conceptualisation of HPE will be crucial to both its acceptance as the “new curriculum” document and its adoption across Australia. Consequently, this research has three broad objectives: firstly, to explore the “everyday philosophies” of Australian secondary school HPE teachers towards the teaching of physical education (PE); secondly, to investigate how this influences the design and enactment of PE in Years 7-10; and, thirdly, to extend on the Crawford Report's (2009) concerns about both the status of PE within the key learning area (KLA) of HPE and with the consistency in the application of PE in Australian schools.

Secondary PE teachers are invited to participate in this research via an online survey at  

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