31 Oct 2013

Disaster Resilience Education Resources

Research suggests that educating students in disaster resilience is a key part of creating a culture of preparedness in the community as a whole.

With that in mind the Educating the Educators project, federally funded through National Emergency Management Projects, has undertaken a mapping exercise of existing Australian Disaster Resilience Education resources.

The curriculum mapping project involved reviewing a sample of 45 resources across both primary and secondary levels. The resources were mapped against Australian Curriculum Learning Areas released prior to May, 2013 (English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography), the General Capabilities, Cross-curriculum Priorities and other criteria such as stage of schooling, target audience and resource type.  The first edition of the report is now available from the National Curriculum button of the Australian Emergency Management Institute’s Schools website or directly at

The 45 resources demonstrate the outstanding commitment of emergency services agencies across Australia to reducing risk and building student and teacher understanding and resilience in times of disaster. These resources reveal the concerted efforts agencies make to connect with student learning and show innovative ways of communicating and building awareness and understanding of the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR) model. They are evidence of the importance and value of education in child-centred disaster risk reduction (CCDRR) and the benefits of collaboration across agencies on a national scale.

The mapping report features a detailed summary of each resource which will enable teachers and teacher librarians to select, at a glance, the DRE resources that are most suited to the specific needs of their students and curriculum.

With the proposed publication of Health & Physical Education and Civics & Citizenship in December the report will be updated to include these learning areas and the new edition is expected to be available by the end of January 2014.  For more information please email the Project Officer.

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