18 Oct 2012

Congratulations to Annette Bales

Inspirational Teacher Winner - 2012

Nominated by a group of students from Redlands College, this is what they had to say about Annette:

"My earliest memory of Mrs Bales was when she came into our year 7 class and talked to us all about an eating disorder issue that was in the grade. She had a large impact on us that day through her caring and understanding nature and since has been a large inspiration in my entire schooling life. She shows true leadership qualities in the way that she leads by example in her sporting or fitness en devours. She has always pushed me to be the best of my ability and her give-it-a-go, positive attitude has seen many students be involved in sport that usually wouldn't even try.

I would like to nominate Mrs Bales for the inspirational teacher award as her enthusiasm and commitment to her role as a teacher goes beyond what is expected. Mrs Bales goes to great lengths to ensure students try sports they never normally would have. She helps and supports along the way and never accepts students saying “I can’t”! Mrs Bales’ commitment to sport is inspiring for students like myself and we often learn very much from her extensive knowledge from her experiences. She is certainly an inspiring teacher who many of us will go to when in need of guidance.

A school leading the way with ipads 1 on 1, Mrs Bales enables us to be more independent learners. She tries encourage us to take risks and gain valuable experience through the use of new and innovative technology in the use particularly of the ipad in Physical Education".

Congratulations Annette! You truly are an inspirational teacher!

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