26 Feb 2015

Feedback Requested

Implications of external assessment for Senior subjects in the HPE

Key Issue: What are your views on the implications of external assessment for Senior subjects in the HPE learning area?

My name is Louise McCuaig and recently I was invited to represent ACHPER QLD on the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority's Health and Physical Education Senior Curriculum and Assessment Working Group.

This group is one of 22 senior curriculum and assessment working groups who will provide expert advice about some of the issues raised in the Queensland Review of Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance Processes ( The working groups will consider issues related to syllabus design, curriculum and assessment practices.

The first meeting of this group was held on Monday 16th February and I am inviting you to provide me with your thoughts on 4 key questions concerning the implications of external assessment that emerged during this first meeting.

I would like to ensure that I can provide the next meeting of our working group with a comprehensive response from Queensland teachers of HPE to the following questions:

  1. What are the most valued attributes of our Senior Subjects (Senior Health Education, Senior Physical Education and Recreation Studies)? In other words - what principles, practices or attributes of our learning area do we consider critical  - what don't we won't to lose!?
  2. What role could external assessment play in the delivery of the HPE learning area Senior Subjects?
  3. How will the introduction of external assessment influence/impact upon your teaching of our subject areas? Obviously this questions asks you to predict the impact for your teaching.
  4. What do you consider to be the benefits or concerns regarding the introduction of external assessment to our Senior Subject areas?

If you can respond to these questions or provide a small statement regarding your thoughts more broadly I would love to hear from you by Monday 16th March, 2015.

The more input I can provide, the better we can deliver advice regarding the future direction of HPE in Queensland.

Please email your response to me and I will faithfully and confidentially add your feedback to the report I will table at the next meeting (Wednesday 18th March, 2015).

I will also endeavour to provide you all with timely feedback regarding the progress of the Health and Physical Education Senior Curriculum and Assessment Working Group.

kind regards


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