2019 Twilight Workshop

Venue: Anglican Church Grammar School

Oaklands Parade
East Brisbane


Using the Inquiry Process to implement Tactical Awareness


This workshop will build on learning from the Tactical Awareness session from the recent ACHPER Queensland conference, delivered by Dr Brendan Moy and Glenn Amezdroz from QUT. Participants will be guided through the inquiry process of gathering and analysing data about personal performance. Attendees will then apply knowledge of motor learning concepts to devise a strategy, aimed at optimising tactical performance. Suggestions of how the strategy might be implemented, evaluated and justified will be discussed. There will be opportunities to share practice and refine planning for the implementation of the unit.

This inquiry process provides authentic learning experiences for students about key concepts in Senior Physical Education (2019) and will form the basis of their project-folio assessment response.

Event period: Event times: 16:00 - 18:00

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