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2019 Senior Health Workshop


The full program for the Senior Health Workshop is available here now. 


Monday 8 April, Toowong, Brisbane


This Health workshop will provide opportunities for teachers to network and further develop their knowledge and understanding of assessment in the new QCE system and the Health 2019 Unit 2 Health inquiry model.

Sessions 1 & 2 QCAA Health PEO: Constructing Investigation and Examination assessment instruments in Health using the attributes of quality assessment. The focus of this session is ensuring instruments, including stimulus materials, are valid and accessible. Teachers are encouraged to bring along their formative assessments including Examination stimulus materials so that they can do a self-audit. This will be a helpful process as we move towards the first Endorsement event this year. Information on using the reporting standards in the syllabus document to make judgements will also be included in these sessions.

Session 3 Health Expert writing team members: Comprehending and using the Unit 2 Health inquiry model key theories — overarching approaches, frameworks & resources, social cognitive theory, Ottawa Charter and RE-AIM. This HIM session will be a series of little activities that teachers can do during the session and with their classes.


Carolyn Jones

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Carolyn Jones is a Principal Education Officer at the QCAA in the Health, Physical Education (HPE)/Technologies learning area. Carolyn led an Expert Writing Team in the development of the QCE 2019 Health General Syllabus, Syllabus Implementation Workshops and resources to support implementation. Carolyn has previously written HPE curriculum in Tasmania K-10 and 11/12. Other roles included Chief Marking and Setting Examiner for the Tasmanian Health Studies external assessment. Carolyn has taught in Queensland since 2004 and wrote the Health Education work program at Helensvale SHS before modifying and implementing it in the United Arab Emirates in a three year stint at the Australian International School.

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