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ACHPER QLD, QUT and UQ have joined forces and are offering two Masterclasses in Senior HPE in November.

Monday 20 November - An Ecological Model of Motor Learning Theory for Senior PE - Master Presenter, Dr Brendan Moy from Queensland University of Technology. Masterclass to be held at QUT. 

Tuesday 21 November - Salutogenesis for Senior Health - Master Presenter, Professor Mikael Quennerstedt from Orebro University, Sweden. Masterclass to be held at the University of Queensland

Both days will follow the same format:

Session 1: Frameworks, theories and concepts: what does the research tell us?

Session 2: Applications in Senior HPE programs: how do we apply these approaches in Senior HPE?

Session 3: Implications for implementation

Session 4: Reflection and Feedback: where to from here?

Places are strictly limited to 50 participants. Register now. 

Dr Brendan Moy

Queensland University of Technology

Brendan Moy.jpg

Dr Brendan Moy is a lecturer in the Sport, Health, and Physical Education discipline within the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at the Queensland University of Technology. He recently completed his PhD in Physical Education learning design, underpinned by the contemporary motor learning theory of ecological dynamics. Brendan has applied these learning design principles in units within the Physical Education Teacher Education course at QUT. He regularly presents at ACHPER QLD conferences where his sessions are heavily attended. 

Professor Mikael Quennerstedt

Örebro University, Sweden

Mikael Quennerstedt.jpg

Mikael Quennerstedt is professor in physical education and health from Örebro University, Sweden. He has a background as health and physical education teacher and teaches health education and salutogenic theory in the teacher education program. His research on health education is around health resources, learning, movement, critical inquiry and young peoples growth and rights. He has supervised several PhD-students using salutogenic theory in their research.  

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