2019 Brisbane HPE Conference


15 & 16 August, Iona College, Brisbane


The annual Brisbane HPE Conference was held on 15 &16 August, once again at Iona College, Wynnum. There was a great mixture of classroom presentations, workshops and practical sessions, many delivered by practicing HPE teachers. Every session offered something for primary and secondary teachers, with emphasis on the new Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education AC:HPE and Senior Health and Senior Physical Education Syllabuses.

Cost for 2-Day conference pass: $400 for ACHPER members + $500 for non-members



We will add presentations as we receive them

Please note: ACHPER QLD is not authorised to publish the QCAA presentations.

Session One

School culture and leadership: Embracing the future

Session Two

How immersive learning technology is bringing education and training into the future

Session Three

Equity - barriers and enablers: Reflections on implementation and assessment

Achieving PE curriculum objectives using innovative teaching styles - presentation

Road safety: Data trends, data assessment and innovations

        - Handout 1     Handout 2     Handout 3      Handout 4

Primary Workshop: delivery of the AC:HPE by 2020

Using themed activity programs to achieve outcomes

Teaching HPE: Considering the constraints

Working with indigenous students: Cultural awareness and culturally responsible pedagogies

Leadership Workshop: High performing team culture

Session Four

Matching pedagogical styles to help create learning experiences in Senior PE

Using REAIM as a tool to plan interventions and evaluations in Senior Health

   - planning tool

Planning for alignment in the Australian Curriculum: AC:HPE - email here for presentation

      - example Yr 5-6      - example Yr 7-8

Sport Aerobics: Learn how to teach sport aerobics to your students

How to make school swimming meaningful and enjoyable

Supporting early career HPE Teachers

PE pedagogies and the metabolic equivalence of tasks

Comparing two generations of HPE Teacher education

A review of food and nutrition education for Queensland HPE university students

Session Five

Gathering, analysing and presenting effective data in Unit 3 & 4

Enabling student success in Health Unit 3

How do you teach nutrition?

Making technology work for HPE teachers

Brain strength

More than just sport - changing kids' life pathways

Session Eight

Tackling the investigation - Modelling an approach using ethics and integrity in PE

Begin with the end in mind: How to design deliberate coaching experiences and environments that foster state, national and world-class athletes - email here for presentation

Building a faculty curriculum plan to align ACARA and QCAA

  - handout 1     - handout 2     - handout 3

Rethinking the screen: Using integrated technology in health and physical education - email here for presentation

Delivering the softball batter up program to primary schools

Session Nine

Tactical awareness in Senior Physical Education (2019)

Connecting the ACARA-QCAA HPE curriculum dots - email here for presentation

    - articulations checklist   - creative curriculum design    - HPE syllabus DNA & timelines

Water safety and swimming education program - email here for presentation

Teaching literacy through physical education

Session Ten

Physical education pedagogy: The inquiry process integrated

Implementing Senior Physical Education - Sharing best practice

Stats and Coding 101

Learning design that gives students increased opportunities for physical activity within their lesson time

The science of sleep in children and teenagers


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