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2017 Brisbane Conference


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ACHPER QLD is proud to announce that the first lecture of the Brisbane HPE Conference is to be known as the Cuddihy-Tomson Lecture. This honour acknowledges the immense contribution made by Tom Cuddihy and Mich Tomson to HPE in Queensland over the past 40 years.

Tom and Mich have published over 60 peer-reviewed research and professional articles about physical education teaching issues, physical activity levels and sedentary behaviours, psycho-social aspects of wellness and habitual physical activity. Many of these papers have subsequently been cited over 1300 times since 2003. They have also supervised 15 Doctoral students to graduation.

You can read Tom’s full biography here and Mich’s here.

Inaugural Cuddihy-Tomson Lecture

Shane Pill.jpg

Dr Shane Pill from Flinder's University, and the ACHPER Australia President, will give the inaugural Cuddihy-Tomson Lecture on the topic of "What is Quality HPE?". Register now. 

What is Quality HPE?

The ‘PE crisis’ of the 1980’s-1990’s and subsequent senate inquiry into the status of physical education (1992) has resulted in a substantial body of critical theorising in PE that gives us a pretty good idea of what quality HPE is not. However, it is much more difficult to describe what QHPE is. In this talk, Shane will briefly acknowledge the perspectives offered by the critical theorists and then move to ideas of QHPE considered from a strengths-based pedagogical standpoint and an appreciation of the interpretative pragmatics of the HPE teacher working as an informed practitioner.

Keynote Speakers

Phillip Janz

Phil Janz.jpeg

ACHPER QLD is pleased to announce that Phillip Janz will be a Keynote Speaker at the 2017 Brisbane HPE Conference. Phillip will be Presenting 'Creating the Conditions for Thriving'.

Philip is currently the Queensland Manager at Resilient Youth Australia with a vision to measurably improve the resilience in all young Australians. While undertaking his PhD in Psychology, with a focus on improving cognitive functioning in early adolescence, he also works at the Queensland Family and Child Commission developing tools for improving child wellbeing with a focus on children in out-of-home care.

Bernie Holland

Bernie Holland.jpg

ACHPER QLD is pleased to announce that Bernie Holland will be a Keynote Speaker at the 2017 Brisbane HPE Conference. Bernie will be Presenting 'Effective Planning for Assessment and Evaluation'.

Bernie brings over 35 years of experience having worked across the tertiary, school and government sectors. Deeply committed to quality HPE Bernie regularly presents at conferences and consults with schools in the areas of HPE curriculum development, fundamental movement skills and game sense. Bernie is passionate about mentoring and developing the next generation of leaders.

Carolyn Jones

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ACHPER QLD is pleased to announce that Carolyn Jones will be a Keynote Speaker at the 2017 Brisbane HPE Conference. Carolyn will be presenting 'Introduction to the Health Syllabus'.

Carolyn Jones is a Principal Education Offcicer at the QCAA in the Health, Physical Education (HPE)/Technologies learning area. Carolyn leads an Expert Writing Team in the development of the Health Syllabus which has now been endorsed and the supporting resources which are currently being used at Implementation Workshops around the state. Carolyn has previously written HPE curiculum in Tasmania K-10 and 11/12. Other roles included Cheif Marking and Setting Examiner for the Tasmanian Health Studies external assessment. Carolyn has taught in Queensland since 2004 and wrote the Health Education work program at Helensvale SHS before modifying and implementing it in the United Arab Emirates in a three year stint at the Australian International School.


The ACHPER QLD Brisbane HPE Conference will be held at Iona College on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 August 2017. Iona College is located at 85 North Rd, Lindum and is easily accessible by train. Parking is provided at the school during the conference.Registration opens at 7.45am with proceedings getting underway at 8.45am. Both days finish at 2.50pm. 

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