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2018 Masterclasses


18 & 19 November, UQ and QUT Brisbane

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The PE Masterclass will be held on Monday 18 November at QUT, Kelvin Grove and the Health Masterclass will be held on Tuesday 19 November at UQ, St Lucia. The subject matter will be:

PE - Unit 4 Exercise Physiology subject matter with a specific focus on integration and on unpacking and backward mapping from the mock exams

Health - Unit 4 Life Course Perspective 

The cost for each Masterclass is $149. Registration and further details will be available soon. 


Unit 3: Community as Resource for Healthy Living


The Health Masterclass focused on Unit 3: Community as resource for healthy living.  covering homelessness, road safety and anxiety. The day was split into the three topic areas of  homelessness, road safety and anxiety. Different experts provided in-depth exploration of each topic followed by teachers working in small groups to consider the implications & application including the overarching approaches, frameworks and resources. 

Homelessness was covered by Marlee Bower, a research psychologist from the Translational Health Research Institute at Western Sydney University. Road Safety 1 was covered by Professor Narelle Haworth, Director CARRS-Q (QUT) and Dr Mark King, Research Fellow CARRS-Q (QUT) with Road Safety 2 covered by Rob Duncan, CEO BRAKE: Driving Knowledge For Life. Maria Ruberto, whose presentation at the Brisbane Conference was so well received, was back to deliver the Anxiety topic. 

Maria Ruberto, Salutegenics Psychology


Maria is the founder and director of Salutegenics Psychology, a strengths-based practise that moves people in personal and professional coaching toward mental fitness and life- health. Maria’s work is heavily influenced by Positive Psychology theory. The core mission of her work is to transition people towards a state of flourishing, embedding respect, resilience and resolve along the way.

Maria has over 22 years of clinical and industry experience. Her application of psychology is anchored by research in neuroscience and brain function - and framed by the science of wellbeing. Maria is currently working with beyondblue to support educational resources for school communities. Maria presented two sessions at the recent Brisbane HPE Conference so she is familiar with the concerns of teachers of health. She will be presenting Elective Topic 3: Anxiety. 


Unit 3, Topic 2: Ethics and Integrity


The Physical Education Masterclass focused on Unit 3, Topic 2: Ethics and Integrity. This one day Masterclass was delivered by Dr Mattia Anesa who is a lecturer in Ethics at the University of Sydney Business School and an avid sportsman. After his lecture, Mattia assisted teachers working in small groups with two different ethical dilemmas. After lunch teachers worked on practical implications for their schools.

Dr Mattia Anesa

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Dr Mattia Anesa is a lecturer in Ethics at the University of Sydney Business School teaching the MBA unit ‘Critical Analysis and Thought Leadership’. Early career researcher in the field of Business Ethics and active researcher in the associated fields of strategy, legitimacy, governance, and trust. Published in the international peer-reviewed Journal of Business Research and in the Australian Tax Review. Currently working on an ARC Discovery funded research on Trust in non-profit organizations, leading the development of a multi-country research focusing on the social impacts of tax advisory and supervising a PhD project, supported by a private foundation, which investigates the governance of soccer in Australia. Recipient of a number of international awards including the 2016 All-Academy Carolyn Dexter Award and the 4th Amartya Sen Essay Prize. Extensive experience in industry including consulting as well as work in international organizations.

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