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The Teresa Carlson Award is ACHPER QLD’s most prestigious. In 2002, Fellow of ACHPER, Dr Teresa (Terry) Carlson, was involved in a terrible accident in Turkey which left her with severe intellectual and physical impairments. Terry had been an outstanding academic with a strong teaching and research profile in the education community. She had been totally committed to promoting Physical Education and supporting HPE teachers. Terry had been State President of ACHPER QLD for three years, was actively involved in organising conferences, and held a post editing our state newsletter. Tragically, Teresa Carlson passed away in 2015.

As a mark of respect to her, the Teresa Carlson Award recognises the significant contribution made by an ACHPER member in the promotion of active and/or healthy living to the education community.

Honour Board

2014 (Not Awarded)
2013 Maree DinanThompson
2012 Peter Hay
2011 Glenn Amezdroz
2010 Doune Macdonald
2009 Jim Armstrong
2008 Dale Lanini
2007 Dave Mayfield
2006 Timothy Lynch
2005 David Brown
2004 Mark Waugh

Teresa Carlson Award Winners

Margaret Mary Opstelten

2015 Winner

Margaret-Mary Opstelten (531x800)_opt.jpg

The 2015 Winner of the Teresa Carlson Award is Margaret Mary Opstelten from Gladstone West State School.

Margaret Mary is widely acknowledged as a leader in her field, not just in the region in which she teaches, but also around the State. It is not inappropriate to say that she is something of a legend to those that she has taught and taught with. She has, for more years than she likes anyone to be reminded, worked tirelessly at her school going above and beyond her subject specialist role to coordinate the implementation of government initiatives, organise fun runs and an extensive range of other extra curricular activities, particularly in the areas of dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. She is a leader in the use of ICT’s to extend and enhance outcomes in HPE and in services her peers in this area. She is also an exemplar of how HPE specialist teachers can work with their classroom generalist peers to plan and delivery integrated, authentic and innovative health and physical education beyond her own lessons. Mrgaret Mary also gives back to the profession by attending, presenting and generously sharing at ACHPER events, and coordinates a local network of HPE teachers, organising meetings and providing regular email updates.

Her contribution to active and healthy lifestyles over a sustained period of time has been truly outstanding. She is a consummate professional and a very, very a worthy recipient of the Teresa Carlson award.


Maree Dinan Thompson

2013 Winner

Maree Dinan Thompson

This year has contributed to the NQ HPE Conference, and convened local PD for small group of teachers on assessment in primary.

Was acknowledged as a Fellow of ACHPER in 2012, after 20 years of membership of ACHPER. Citation as follows:

Dr Maree DinanThompson has been at the forefront of research on the place and role of Health and Physical Education in the curriculum for over a decade. She has published a number of papers either as sole author or in collaboration with highly regarded academics and researchers such as Richard Tinning, Louise McCuaig, Lisa Hunter and Andy Hargreaves. As editor of “Health and Physical Education: issues for curriculum in Australia and New Zealand” she has produced a seminal work on the subject; a valuable and accessible resource for all that practice in our field. In her role as an educator working in the tertiary sector she has been influential in the training of future HPE and generalist teachers to ensure they become outstanding practitioners in the area of Health and Physical Education. Dr DinanThompson has been an ACHPER member for 19 years and her representation on QSA and Catholic Education panels and committees has ensured that the professional organization remains an advocate for HPE teachers and the Health and Physical Education subjects.  Queensland is a large and diverse state and the work carried out by Dr DinanThompson has enabled those teaching in regional locations to have access to high quality professional development through the provision of conferences and workshops. Her support for all educators and students is evident in the high quality HPE programs operating in North Queensland. She is a most worthy recipient of the ACHPER Fellow Award.

Dr Peter Hay

2012 Winner

Tersa Carlson Award - Dr Peter Hay

Dr Peter Hay's significant contribution to the work of ACHPER QLD and therefore the Queensland HPE profession spans nearly a decade of work on the management committee of ACHPER QLD.  In this time Peter's contribution to the strategic direction, intellectual and practical rigour of professional development and high level advocacy within the context of the emerging Australian curriculum has been sustained and substantial.

It is through the work of Peter that many HPE teachers have had the opportunity to enhance their assessment practices.  Peter has also provided a committed and thoughtful contribution to the strategic direction of ACHPER QLD which has resulted in organisations increasing alignment with state and national policy directions in the field of HPE. 

Peter has passionately sough and pursued opportunities for the quality delivery of HPE  in school communities to be underpinned by government policy that will ensure the sustainability of these programs within Australian and Queensland Schools.  As this critical work is often conducted through written advocacy, networking and stakeholder meetings, those who contribute to this area often go unnoticed by those in the profession broadly.

Peter Hay is a very worthy winner of the Teresa Carlson Award.

Glenn Amezdroz

2011 Winner

Glenn Amezdroz Award 2011 Winner

At the 2011 ACHPER Qld Awards Night we were delighted to celebrate the successes of some of the highest achievers in the field of HPE.

The most prestigious accolade of the evening, the Teresa Carlson Award, was presented to Glenn Amezdroz. Glenn has more than three decades of experience in the field, and above and beyond his role as Head of Department at All Hallows School he has proven himself to be dedicated to professional development.

“I was just blown away by winning the award, knowing Terry having worked with Terry and been inspired by Terry,” he said. “I was pretty emotional about it. I was pretty proud of the award.”

The Teresa Carlson Award specifically recognises Glenn‘s significant contribution to the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles to the education community.

Glenn said he is constantly inspired by his colleagues and students and encourages other educators to become active members of professional organisations like ACHPER QLD because they will find them equally as rewarding.

“Sharing my passion for HPE allows me to enjoy it more – particularly amongst Phys Ed because we tend to love what we do,” he said. “I gain so much from participating in workshops and presentations, it’s about professional growth,”

“The network is an amazingly powerful tool; if I have a question I can pick up the phone and call colleagues all around the country.”

Glenn’s knowledge and experience within the field of PE has also been acknowledged with his appointment to the ACARA Advisory Panel for the Health and Physical Education Shaping phase.

Other of his contributions to the HPE community include his having acted as a District Review Panel Chair- Gold Coast District; a board member for ‘Joy for All Minds’ a not-for-profit agency; his providing physical recreation programs for people with disabilities; his role as a panelist for QSA Brisbane Central A24 Physical Education; and as a panelist for ACHPER QLD Brisbane and North Queensland conferences. He has also been a member of a judging panel for ‘Unit Development in Sexuality Education‘ with Family Planning Queensland, and was a co-opted member of QSA Physical Education State Review Panel.

Glenn Amezdroz has delivered reports to the Queensland Government and published Queensland Senior Physical Education (Third edition) text for the QSA 2010 Physical Education syllabus.

As mentioned, he is the very special guest at the 2012 ACHPER Qld AGM on March 8th and his presentation regarding the latest news on the national curriculum is one not to be missed.

ACHPER QLD relishes the opportunity to recognize our highly professional educators, so nominate someone deserving for our annual awards. Each month until December we will profile a 2011 ACHPER QLD Award winner.

Professor Doune Macdonald

2010 Winner

Professor Doune Macdonald 2010 Winner

The recipient in 2010 was Professor Doune MacDonald, the Head of the School of Human Movement Studies at the University of Queensland.

Doune is actively involved and prolific in her research into health and physical education pedagogy, and physical activity and health. She is in high demand for conferences and symposiums, and incredibly well respected.

Here’s a snapshot of Doune’s achievements in the past year:
• Identified contemporary issues and future agendas for health and physical education
• Investigated workplace culture in secondary school HPE subject departments in order to enhance our understanding of the process of becoming a (professional) teacher and of the impact of workplace culture on professional learning and teaching.
• Supported the 2009 Active Kids Active Minds (AKAM) project.
• Investigated the impact of rural gender roles on young people’s perceptions of legitimate physical activity options and practices.
• Researched ways of thinking about promoting and researching physical activity among at risk young people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
• Analysed the policies guiding Eat Well Be Active
• Co-edited the book, ‘Young People, Physical Activity and the Everyday’
• Presented at the 2010 National Curriculum Symposium in order to advocate for HPE as an essential learning area in the Australian Curriculum and entitlement of all students
• Chaired the Queensland Studies Authority Years 1-12 HPE Syllabus Advisory Committee

“Winning the Dr Teresa Carlson Award was certainly an honour for which I thank ACHPER. While at The University of Queensland, Terry was a wonderful colleague. She was passionate about the positive contribution of health and physical education (HPE) to children’s and young people’s lives and therefore felt a tremendous sense of responsibility to educate HPE teachers to be the best they could be.... I cherish this award, thank those who nominated me, and express gratitude to those who tirelessly volunteer for ACHPER, an organisation that Terry held dear”. Doune Macdonald

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