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David Keating, past ACHPER QLD President, consistently campaigns for recognition of the voluntary contributions made by teachers, administrators and community members into sport, physical activity and health and physical education. Throughout his demanding career in Sports Administration and Governance, David continued to volunteer his time to keep children and youth involved in sport and physical activity, and has been recognised for his contribution to Sport in Queensland being awarded QSport's illustrious Service to Sport Award and in Australia as a recipient of the Order of Australia Medal.  

David emphasises the benefits that come to the individual as a volunteer, “Fifty years of volunteerism has provided many amazing experiences; the opportunity to work with and enjoy the company of some wonderful human beings; and a sense of having made a contribution in providing opportunities for young people to enjoy better health through sport and physical activity”.  

The David Keating Voluntary Service Award recognises the significant voluntary contribution  made by a Queensland individual or group in capacity building for active and healthy lifestyles in the school or wider community. This award is designed to recognise the voluntary contributions teachers, parents and community members offer their community in the provision of opportunities to be physically active. 

To be eligible for this award, nominee individuals/groups must have been active in their Queensland-based, unpaid activities in the past 12 months

David Keating

Honour Board

2013 Caroline Brooks
2012 Yunan Lin
2011 David Keating
2010 Karla Bos
2009 Alice Cuff
2008 Suzanne Balmer
2007 Jill Keating
2006 Sue Whatman
2005 Lyndal Gray

David Keating Voluntary Service Award

Kim Lavin

2015 Winner

Kim Lavin.JPG

In 2015 Kim Lavin was recognised for her outstanding, voluntary contribution to ACHPER QLD. From the beginning of 2012 to March 2015, she was president of ACHPER QLD, overseeing the operations of the management committee and steering it through a number of difficult and challenging external situations that had the potential to threaten the very financial viability of the association. She also led an important process of formalising, codifying and updating the association’s policies and procedures to ensure the ongoing efficiency and effectiveness of the association in the years to come. All this voluntary work, while not glamorous, has been integral to ACHPER QLD being able to fulfil its commitments to building school and community capacity for the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles.

And, it was all performed in her rare “spare time,” while juggling the demands of high-level public service work with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, as it underwent significant structural and organisational change. The fruits of her work for ACHPER QLD, and the way she was able to manage the competing demands and tensions of her presidency and her “day job”, are a testament to her commitment to the health and physical education learning area and to the health and physical education teaching profession.

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