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2018 Award Categories

Pre-Service Teacher Award
Quality HPE Teacher Award
Innovative Program Award
Teresa Carlson Award

The previous winners of these Awards are listed on our Honour Board.


A significant part of the Awards Ceremony is the presentation of Member Milestone Certificates for those who have achieved 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years of membership with ACHPER. We thank all ACHPER members for their ongoing support.

2018 Award Winners

ACHPER QLD 2018 Award Winners

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 ACHPER QLD Teacher Awards, proudly supported by Teachers Mutual Bank. The nominations are testament to the outstanding commitment and dedication our QLD teachers have to the field of HPE. We congratulate our winners and thank them for their incredible contributions to their schools and wider communities.

ACHPER QLD President's Award

Dr Lee Wharton, Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

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Dr Lee Wharton has been successful in securing funding and in-kind support for international study tours for QUT Health and Physical Education, and Nutrition and Dietetics students. He has sought DFAT New Colombo Plan and QUT funding to lead tours to Vietnam and Japan since 2013. The tours enable students to develop cultural awareness and professional competence, while immersing themselves in settings including schools, hospitals and community centres. The tours help build curiosity, critical thinking and leadership skills. Responsibilities include teaching school students and working with education and health professionals. Applying these skills in a new context, while cognisant of local culture has supported insightful and reflexive thinking. The in-kind support generously provided by ACHPER Queensland has enabled these students to share their insights at the Brisbane HPE Conference and with other audiences.

Teresa Carlson Award


John Palenthorpe (2).JPG

This award recognises an outstanding and sustained contribution made by a member of the health and physical education profession in the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles to the education community.

John Palethorpe has had a significant impact on the broader physical education of students and his peers in South East Queenland for over four decades. He has actively and passionately articulated the case not only for the subject area of Physical Education, but the broader positive impact of sport and physical activity in an educational context. For example, At Villanova College, where he has also taught Middle School Maths and Science, he has incorporated physical education content into the subject matter to enhance student involvement.

John taught at Churchie for 25 years before moving across to Villanova in 2007. For 13 years he was a member of the Suject Advisorary Committee for Physical Education and served as Head of Faculty at Churchie for three years. John was a district panelist for 18 years and was panel chair for three of those years.

He has promoted active and healthy lifestyles to the broader community through his three years as the Master in Charge of Swimming, five years as Master in Charge of Track and Field and 12 years as Head Trainer of the Churchie First XV. John continued this commitment at Villanova where he co-ordinated the track and field program at Villanova College.

One of the most significant pieces of evidence concerning John's outstanding contribution to the HPE profession is not the necessarily the results his students have achieved, the sporting titles his teams have won or the myriad of forums that he has been involved with that promote our subject area. It is the fact that his peers and students from Churchie chose to name their Senior Physical Education Prize the John Palethorpe Award for Physical Education.

2018 Quality Teacher Award


This award recognises the significant contribution made by a Queensland HPE teacher to the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles through quality teaching practices within the school community.

Claude Trotta has always been passionate about the implementation of new pedagogies to improve student learning outcomes.  He is always one of the first to adopt new high yield teaching strategies and provide timely and specific feedback to his students.

Claude has been an HPE teacher at Merrimac State High School since the early 1980's, serving as the sports co-ordinator at the school for 8yrs. For over 20 years, Claude has held the position of the Oceanic District Athletics Co-ordinator. This event cateres for 800-1000 students each year. Claude is the South Coast Regional track and field manager and Co-Convenor and is loved by both the staff and students at these events.  On top of these extra commitments, Claude has also co-ordinated Merrimac's Ski trips for over 20 years.    

Claude is passionate about staff professional development at Merrimac State High School.  He completed his Cert 4 in training and assessment and now volunteers to train and assess Merrimac's staff to complete their own first aid certificates.

2018 Innovative Program Award


Gumdale Sport Aerobics (2).jpg

This award recognises the significant contribution made be a Queensland School for an innovative program for the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles to one or more stakeholders of the school community.

Gumdale's Sport Aerobics Program participation has sky rocketed over the last 12 months. Growing from humble beginnings with just 46 girls in 2017, the program now caters for over 130 students from Years 2 to 6 with an expectation of reaching over 150 students by 2019. This program allows students to be active in a sport that provides an opportunity for all participants to succeed. With 15 competitive teams at the school this year, students of all ability levels are given the opportunity to compete and improve over the course of the competition season. With weekly training sessions, local and interstate competitions, the school community is flourishing as students stay active and healthy due to their involvement with this sport.

 Students are devoted to their training and the impact that Sport Aerobics has had on it's participants is phenomenal. The Gumdale State School teams are thriving, and the athletes and families are so supportive of the program, making it such a positive part of the school community. Parents have celebrated that their children now have such a passion for being active due to the Sport aerobics program. Students simply cannot get enough of the sport, often wanting to train more than their scheduled sessions and are constantly asking for ways to improve their skills. 

Pre-Service Teacher Award


This award recognises the significant contribution made by a Queensland pre-service teacher who completed outstanding and consistent professional experiences/s, as well as the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles to the school or wider community.

Tahlia is a driven pre-service teacher whose academic achievements and service to the Health and Physical Education profession are most deserving of this award. Tahlia has recently successfully completed her second-year practical at Mueller College in. Tahlia's academic performance is to be commended with a current GPA of 6.88. Since February 2018 Tahlia has volunteered as an Education Assistant at Griffin State School. Tahlia’s contribution at GSS is wide and varied, she is always happy to take on tasks as the school needs. Currently, Tahlia is primarily involved with contributing towards the after-school program as well as other administrative tasks.

Tahlia's school and community contributions are also extensive. From 2017 - 2018 Tahlia served as Registra of Strathpine Little Athletics Club, she is also a Little Athletics Coach and qualified Regional Athletics Chief Judge for Long Jump and High Jump. Tahlia is currently a Sports Assistant at Grace Lutheran College and is involved with GLC AFL, Touch Football and as an Athletics Coach.

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