2016 Award Categories

Pre-Service Teacher Award
Quality HPE Teacher Award
Innovative Program Award
David Keating Voluntary Service Award
Teresa Carlson Award

The previous winners of these Awards are listed on our Honour Board.


A significant part of the Awards Ceremony is the presentation of Member Milestone Certificates for those who have achieved 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years of membership with ACHPER. We thank all ACHPER members for their ongoing support.

2016 Award Winners


Congratulations to all winners. They are a great reflection of the qualities of all HPE teachers and of the sector in general. Thank you to all of the principals and fellow HPE teachers who nominated so many great HPE teachers throughout Queensland.

Quality Teacher Award

Hannah Clarke, Alpha State School (P-10)


This award recognises the significant contribution made be a Queensland HPE teacher to the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles through quality teaching practices within the school community.

Hannah is a focussed and driven teacher whose enthusiasm for HPE and providing sporting opportunities for the students in a rural and remote school is limitless. She delivers subject specific content to a high level and has has no behaviour management issues during her lessons, mainly due to the delivery of her lessons and the rapport she has formed with her students.

She is also well liked in the community, mainly due to the variety of activities she provides for the students. Hannah was a pivotal contributor to the implementation of the daily before school physical activity, fine and gross motor and concentration 'Brain boost' program and also introduced a whole school 'JAMmin minute program' in 2016.  Prior to Hannah starting work at Alpha SS, the students did not participate in many school, local or regional sporting events.  Hannah has encouraged students to do so and also provided the expertise in many sports areas.

Hannah was recently selected in the Australian Country Women's Cricket Team for 2015 - 2016.  Hannah coaches, manages and convenes many Central West sports and carnivals.  She is also a North West board delegate and has coached NW sports also.  She organises camps for the students including enabling students to attend the annual ICPA Sports camp in Clermont.  Hannah liases with many sporting organisations and arranges visits to the school by sporting representatives and development squads.  She also works with community organsiations like the school P and C and sporting clubs to organise sporting events in the town like "Pink Stumps Day'.

Special Mention: Julie Ingram, Wester Suburbs State Special School and Alicia Kirk, Trinity College. 

Innovative Program Award

Bruce Laguna, St Catherine's Catholic College Proserpine

Laguna Bruce 56084.jpg

This award recognises the significant contribution made be a Queensland School (across education sectors) for an innovative program for the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles to one or more stakeholders of the school community.

Bruce has developed and implemented a Sports Excellence Program within the school. Students participate in training activities before, during and after school at various times through the week that are aimed at developing their personal level of fitness. He incorporates this with sessions on quality nutrition including supplying healthy breakfasts and cooking workshops. Although the school provides some funding to support this program, Bruce volunteers his time and expertise out of his own love of active and healthy lifestyles. He established this program in 2014 and the number of participants have steadily grown each year. It is open to all students that wish to improve their lifestyles.  

The program is run at no cost to the students so it has allowed a wide range of students access to resources that would normally incur a cost (gym, pool etc). Bruce actively participates in the sessions himself and through his organisation of other volunteers he has been able to help change the eating and exercise habits of those involved. It has also improved the student's performances in HPE and various other representative sports. Students look up to Bruce as a role model for healthy and active liefestyles and this is exemplified in his HPE teaching.

David Keating Voluntary Service Award

Adam Nicholson, Clontarf Beach State High School

This award recognises the significant voluntary contribution made by a Queensland individual or group in capacity building for active and healthy lifestyles in the school or wider community.  To be eligible for this award, nominee individuals/groups must have been active in their Queensland-based, unpaid activities in the past 12 months

Adam (Nicho) has been the school's Sport Coordinator for several years as well as the Director of Football (a specilised Football program that develops the soccer and futsal skills of any student in the program). He has a passion for engaging students in all forms of physical activity. He gives up most of his lunch hours to train students in different sports or to support non-HPE staff in their roles as 'sport coach' for interschool sport. He is always professional in his dealings with students, staff and the wider community. He is a huge asset to the school.

Nicho has improved the culture of sport, physical activity and health at Clontarf since his arrival at the school 5 years ago. He has run training sessions for a variety of sports and has also been involved in training with the Certificate III in Fitness classes. Students know they can approach Nicho with any suggestion for a sports competition, and he will do his best to get it off the ground and up and running for them. As Clontarf is a low-socio-economic school, Nicho is always looking at ways of fundraising and saving money. He is inspirational to other staff.

Nicho has been instrumental in the running of the school's annual Sports Tour. This is where students are taken away to places all over QLD for 7 nights and compete against other schools in a variety of sports. This tour enables students the opportunity to experience life away from home and improves their social skills, leadership skills and obviously, their sporting skills.

Special Mention: Mackenzie Reid, St Mary's College Toowoomba

Teresa Carlson Award

Caroline Brooks, ACHPER QLD

Caroline Brooks.jpg

This award recognises an outstanding and sustained contribution made by a member of the health and physical education profession in the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles to the education community.

Caroline has made a sustained and outstanding contribution to the health and physical education community in Queensland. She has been an employee of the Department of Education for 36 years, teaching primary and secondary school health and physical education around the state. In addition to her work in the classroom, Caroline has done extensive work for the Department as a resource writer, most recently in the C2C team. For more than a decade, she has been on the ACHPER QLD Management Committee, serving as Vice-President since 2005. During her time on the Management Committee, Caroline has convened six Brisbane conferences and one regional conference, as well as representing the health and physical education community as President of the Joint Council of Queensland Teachers' Associations (a position she has held since 2009). In all these roles, Caroline has been a fierce and passionate advocate for the learning area and its teachers.

Caroline has had a significant impact on the profession and its teachers. Through her work for ACHPER QLD, she has helped ensure teachers have access to high-quality professional development opportunities. And during her time with the Department, Caroline has done important work developing resources that help connect classroom practices with curriculum materials.  

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