2014 Award Categories

Pre-Service Teacher Award
Quality HPE Teacher Award
Innovative Program Award
David Keating Volunteer Award
Teresa Carlson Award

15 Year Milestone


Congratulations to Pat Atkinson of Villanova College on 15 years membership of ACHPER.

5 Year Milestone


Congratulations to Tammy Watson of Living Faith Lutheran College on reaching 5 years ACHPER membership. 

2014 Award Winners

Pre Service Teacher Award

Courtney Crack from University of Queensland School of HMS


Recognises the significant contribution made by a Queensland pre-service teacher who completed outstanding and consistent professional experiences/s, as well as the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles.

Courtney contributes to active and healthy lifestyles by eliciting quality learning from HPE students through well-developed and differentiated learning experiences. She eagerly embraces professional development opportunities and has been described as "personable, conscientious and reflective" by her supervisors. Courtney's teaching evaluations have always been exemplary.

Courtney is a Co-Founder and the Principal Ballet Teacher of The Tippy Toe Co; a non-profit ballet school for children with special needs. Courtney inspires these children to "feel like a ballerina" through individual attention in a social environment. Through ballet, Courtney is able to help these children develop their motor skills and coordination, concentration, musicality, expression and creativity.  She is an exceptional pre-service teacher who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, teaching skills and knowledge of engaging pedagogies. Courtney embodies a 'student first' philosophy in her work at schools and The Tippy Toe Co.

Quality HPE Teacher Award

Margaret Mary Opstelten from Gladstone West State School


Recognises the significant contribution made be a Queensland HPE teacher to the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles through quality teaching practices within the school community.

Margaret-Mary works tirelessly to promote active and healthy lifestyles at Gladstone West State School. Her quality teaching practices are characterised by the wide range of techniques and strategies she uses to engage students and ensure maximum enjoyment and participation. Margaret-Mary maintains her currency by attending and presenting at HPE conferences and coordinates a local network of HPE teachers, organising meetings and providing regular email updates. She is an acknowledged leader in the use of ICT’s to extend and enhance outcomes in HPE and radiates positivity and enthusiasm for her subject to all members of our school community and beyond.

Margaret-Mary works collaboratively in the HPE team at Gladstone West State School to advocate for health and physical education. She coordinates the CQ Sporty School’s program in our school which has built capacity in the HPE key learning area and is a foundation steering committee member for this regional initiative. She organises an annual fun run and the extra curricula activities she provides in dance, cheerleading and gymnastics are having a noticeable impact on the gross motor skills as well as the physical activity levels of our students. Margaret-Mary makes a significant and sustained contribution to HPE in our school community.

When we told MM’s principal of her win her words were “There has never been a more deserving recipient – I am so excited I might burst!"

Innovative Program Award

Allenstown State School for “Protection Through Play” (PTP) Program

Recognises the significant contribution made be a Queensland School (across education sectors) for an innovative program for the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles to one or more stakeholders of the school community.

Since February 2013, Family Planning Queensland (FPQ) staff have visited the Allenstown State School playgroup monthly and provided families with support, education, skills, information and resources. Fun and interactive activities are based around 12 topics:  Sun Safety, Water Safety, Emergency Services, Nutrition, Oral Health, Physical Activity, Feelings, No Go Tell, Safety Networks and, Public and Private: Bodies, Places and, Behaviours.

Activities and resources are provided at no cost. The school will be provided with a comprehensive set of activites and resources to ensure the opporutnity for a long-term footprint to be left.

PTP is specifically designed to:

  • Develop the capacity of parents to initiate and develop conversations around sexuality and personal safety with their young children.
  • Provide a resource that can be left with a community group of parents in order to create sustainability.
  • Model age appropriate sexuality and personal safety activities.
  • Create conversation starters for parents of young children.
  • Build working relationships with other stakeholders.

PTP consists of four key elements:

1. Resources

2. Parent and Childcare Worker Program Development

3. Education/Teaching Modeling

4. On-going support

The Allenstown State School playgroup has been involved with PTP since February 2013. Some of the parents who participated last year, loved the activities so much that they still regularly attend the playgroup, even though their children have commenced primary school. They go along to help mentor new parents. Although refunding has been recently secured to continue the program for another 12 months, to celebrate the last playgroup for the 2013-2014 period, the parents and children congregated at a local playground where the children played and the mothers cooked up a sausage sizzle for everyone to enjoy.

 ACHPER QLD Innovative Program Nomination 2014.doc

David Keating Volunteer Award

Not Awarded in 2014

Recognizes the significant voluntary contribution made by a Queensland individual or group in capacity building for active and healthy lifestyles in the school or wider community.   To be eligible for this award, nominee individuals/groups must have been active in their Queensland-base, unpaid activities in the past 12 months.

Teresa Carlson Award

Not Awarded in 2014

Recognises an outstanding and sustained contribution made by a member of the health and physical education profession in the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles to the education community.

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