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At ACHPER QLD, we’re committed to sharing best practices and encouraging networking in the field of HPE, as well as showcasing innovative physical education programs and inspirational teachers. Our community page aims to share stories from our schools, educators and activities across Queensland.


Lucas Nicholls – HOD for Junior Secondary, Redbank Plains State High School

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Lucas Nicholls, a Head of Department at Redbank Plains, is passionate about setting his students up for success, using their HPE studies as a pathway to further tertiary education. With 10 years teaching experience and a Certificate III in Fitness, Lucas values the opportunities to impact and create positive change in his school environment.

“One of the most rewarding parts of teaching is seeing the ‘lightbulb’ moment when a student understands a new concept, idea or movement. I’m proud of the opportunities our school provides staff and students to engage with sport at all levels – school, district, state and beyond”.

Lucas believes firmly in the value of robust curriculum development and implementation and is proud of Redbank Plains’ willingness to get the Australian Curriculum embedded in Years 7 – 10, particularly in HPE.

Top Tip for Teachers: “Never be too big to do the small things that need to be done”.


Bruce Lee – Teacher, Brisbane School of Distance Education

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With over 32 years in teaching roles, Bruce is a highly experienced educator. As a teacher in distance education, he is passionate about developing ways in which technology can enhance the learning experiences of his students. In appropriate situations, this can provide tailored opportunities for student learning, which is especially helpful in distance education where there are such a broad range of students. Introducing 360 degree 're-coaching' using video, has allowed students who are separated by vast distances to experience places and events in a virtual environment together and other teachers are now being trained in the further use of this virtual space.

Bruce believes in providing experiences not usually available to distance education students and encouraging students to think outside the box and participate in activities they might otherwise overlook.

Top Tip for Teachers: "As much as possible, personalise learning for each student based on ability, needs, interests and context."

2017 Fellow Award Recipient

Dr Louise McCuaig

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Dr Louise McCuaig resides in Queensland. Louise’s support and commitment to ACHPER since joining in 2010 has been unconditional and unwavering and makes her a most worthy recipient of the ACHPER Fellow Award.

Read Louise’s citation below:

Louise, you have been an asset to ACHPER. Your support and commitment to the organisation have been unconditional and unwavering. You have made an immense contribution to the professional development of health and physical education teachers at ACHPER conferences across Australia, especially in Queensland. By sharing your knowledge at events like these, and through your work on industry advisory committees and syllabus writing teams, you have provided strategic leadership to the profession and influenced the practices of health and physical education teachers in Queensland and elsewhere. You have been a tireless supporter of early career health and physical education teachers, a passionate advocate for ACHPER, and a mentor to many past and current members of the ACHPER QLD management committee - a committee you served on with distinction.

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