Past Presidents

The list of past presidents of ACHPER QLD is like viewing a list of some of the most influential members of the HPE teaching profession in Queensland. Who do you know on the list? 

ACHPER Life Members

Tom Cuddihy
Michaud (Mich) Tomson

Ivor Burge (dec)
Lester Eisenmenger (dec)
Thomas Thompson (dec)

ACHPER Fellows

David Allan (1984)
Nan Durrans (1984)
Ken Southgate (1984)
Ian Jobling (1984)
Rod Berry (1984)
Lester Eisenmenger (dec) (1984)
George Hay (dec) (1984)
Ian Patterson (1986)
Ken Vasella (1986)
Ann White (1986)
John Saunders (1986)
Lorrae Bell (1988)
Anne Silvey (1988)
Robert Boyd (1988)
John Boustead (1992)
Pauline Harvey-Short (1993)
Teresa Carlson (dec) (1998) 
Tom Cuddihy (2004)
Michaud (Mich) Tomson (2007) 
Caroline Brooks (2010) 
Sue Whatman (2012)
Maree Dinan-Thompson (2012) 
David Keating (2014)

​Louise McCuaig (2017)

National Honour Award

Doune Macdonald (2015)

Want more history?

Check out the ACHPER QLD timeline of key events, projects and personnel since the association's inception.

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About Us

Who Are We?

The Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation Inc. (ACHPER) is the leading professional association representing teachers and other professionals working in the fields of health and physical education. We are a member based, not-for-profit organisation with a significant profile.

The purpose of ACHPER is to promote active and healthy living for all Australians through education and professional practice. ACHPER also provides programs and services that support continuing development of knowledge, skills and professional practice, focussing primarily on health education, physical education and recreation. Through this, ACHPER will serve members and other stakeholders who value lifelong physical activity and health.

ACHPER has a proud tradition that goes back to 1955 when the organisation had its beginnings in the Australian Physical Education Association. ACHPER has approximately 3,000 members nationwide and has a Branch in each state and territory (excluding ACT).

Our Vision

The vision of ACHPER QLD is to promote active and healthy living for all Queenslanders, particularly young people, through education and quality professional practice.

As the peak body, ACHPER QLD provides programs and services for professionals working in the Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sport field which will support the continuing development of their knowledge, skills and professional practice.

Our Strategic Plan

Our plan consists of three key actions:

Advocate: We will advocate for, and enhance the status of, Health & Physical Education, and the professionals who work in that field.

Engage: We will engage teachers of HPE with relevant knowledge and expertise through professional learning opportunities.

Support: We will plan and develop an organisational structure that will support our goals and vision.

Some Interesting Facts

• ACHPER QLD began delivering services to Queensland teachers in 1986
• Each year ACHPER QLD delivers Professional Development events for Health and Physical Education teachers and Public Relation events raising awareness and publicity in the general community of the importance of Health & Physical Education. 
• ACHPER QLD delivers services, training and advocacy across the three educational sectors.

Since the inception of ACHPER QLD:
• More than 22 000 educators have participated in professional training programs and events.
• More than 8 000 school girls have attended our Women in Sport Breakfast and listened to more than 100 high profile female athlete role models.

What do we do?

We’ve been taking care of health and physical education teachers for over 25 years.

Since 1986 we’ve made it our business to represent, protect and nourish Queensland health and physical education teachers in every way possible.

We’ve advocated on behalf of our members to make sure health and physical education and the promotion of active and healthy lifestyle is at the forefront of the governments’ mind.  With our expert management committee, and media experts pressuring to change policy, enact legislation and reduce red tape at all levels of government.

We’ve listened to our members so that we can speak on their behalf, with our influence and persistence making sure everyone’s voice gets heard.

We’ve promoted training and education to make our members more competitive, with industry-certified professionals and courses up-skilling workforces and enhancing business performance.

We’ve identified and researched emerging industry issues to keep our members up-to-date, with our information and knowledge team providing insights and analysis for members to develop real teaching intelligence.

We’ve created business networks and commercial partnerships to better connect our members, with our networking team setting up connections that deliver untold opportunities to grow businesses and reduce costs.

We’ve taken the lead role in creating the best possible environment for Queensland businesses to succeed, because we know that by taking care of business we’re ensuring everyone can reach their full potential.

From less than $3.00 per week you can experience the benefits of an ACHPER membership.

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