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ACHPER QLD Committee Member Wins Teaching Award

ACHPER QLD Management Committee member Glenn Amezdroz was presented with an Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA) Meritorious Contribution to the Profession Award at a ceremony in Sydney on Saturday 4 June. Congratulations to Glenn from everyone at ACHPER QLD.

The APTA Meritorious Contribution to the Profession Award is conferred on individuals who have:
1. Contributed to the professional standing of teachers through involvement in high quality activities that highlight the work of professional teaching associations;
2. Acted as a mentor and facilitator for colleagues in promoting and leading high quality professional learning activities and those carried out by the professional teaching associations;
3. Actively supported the objectives and purposes of professional teaching associations in the professional work of teachers;
4. Made a significant impact on the work of teachers through their ability to creatively implement change through professional learning;
5. Contributed in building capacity and sustainability of professional teaching associations.

Glenn has spent many years supporting the work of Health and Physical Education teachers in all sectors and in primary, secondary and special school settings. He has done this through the sharing of professional knowledge, the production of resources and his contribution to Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation Queensland (ACHPERQLD), the professional association for teachers of Health and
Physical Education. As a member of the ACHPERQLD management committee Glenn has organised and delivered professional development events and sessions. His position on other committees has enabled him to network and advocate on ACHPERQLD’s behalf and expand the skills and knowledge of the management committee. He has mentored beginning teachers and is responsible for the writing and implementation of a mentoring program for ACHPERQLD. He has demonstrated innovative approaches to sharing professional knowledge through the use of
technology and social media. Glenn is known for his approachability and readiness to assist teachers of Health and Physical Education with any concern.

He is a worthy recipient of the Meritorious Contribution to the Profession award.


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